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Quarantine portraits


Lovisual20 seeks to respond to the current moment and therefore proposes an evolution of its format to contribute in a more firm way, if possible, to its main idea: the city, as a whole, is open. A joint image, through the work of designer Andrea Santamarina, that makes Logroño, its stores and bars visible as open windows that contribute through art to generating a collective, supportive and optimistic imagery. Balconies and windows that are drawn to build a community bond with all those anonymous characters (mainly people -and women- of middle and old age) who have contributed to making the city.

A serie of around 80 Large Scale drawings drawings  are installed in the windows display of the city of Logroño (La Rioja, Spain), configuring a continuous urban storyboard, which expands through flags, bus stops and different spaces to contaminate the whole city.

Curated by Javier Peña Ibáñez and the Niño Bothers.

Photos by Asier Rua.

To download Lovisual20 Newspapper

Text by Tachy Mora (only spanish version)