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Fluor Nude


Fluor Nude is a ceramic collection that takes as starting point the actual trends of sending nudes through social media. For the most part, these are women who are overexposed. At the same time, this collection reflects, in a way, about the presence of female nudes throughout history and the continuous objectification that women’s bodies and women themselves have suffered (this is the case of the odalisques-slaves of the sultans who were portrayed naked as an object of voyeurism-or see other specific examples such as Goya’s portrait of La maja desnuda or the case of Sara Goodridge with the piece she made for her lover of her breasts: Beauty Revealed, 1828).

The collection is presented in fluor colours (such as the saturated tones of the screens) in rounded sectioned shapes that remind us of the traditional concept of female bodies.

We are actually working on this project.

Photos by Asier Rua


Technique: Handpainted ceramic/ Low temperature

Dimensions: H310xW340xD310mm (2021)

Edition: Unique Pieces

Price upon request here