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Vanishing Point


A graphic installation designed by Andrea Santamarina in which the characters represented try to escape from the limits of the very window that imprisons them. A subtle and symbolic representation of a group of women who reject their role as objects within that space (a women fashion store).

LOVISUAL is an event that seeks to link and make visible businesses and creators through interventions on facades and windows.

It is an opportunity to know the work of creators from different fields: illustrators, photographers, scenographers, artists, architects, designers; to approach a series of commercial spaces that contribute an added value through specialisation and design.

In LOVISUAL the city is transformed into a gallery open to art and creation: a way of linking culture, creativity and design with the city’s commerce.

LOVISUAL, organized by the Visual Cultural Association, is an initiative of the Niño brothers (Daniel, Manuela and Marian) and Javier Peña Ibáñez.

Lovisual 18 (Logroño, La Rioja).

Mikonos Fashion Store