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PopBin designed by Andrea Santamarina is the Arst product we produced. We launched a Arst edition of 150 handmade units. All products are made in collaboration with the prisoners of the carpenters workshop in Dueñas Prision (Palencia, Spain), to reintroduce them to a working environment. We are committed to create playful products with local materials and companies to promote responsible design. Presentation at: The Spanish Film Institute (Cine Doré designed by Javier Feduchi).


The goal was to create a surprise effect on consumers introducing an object from the Alm industry into another atmosphere (the workspace) with a different function. Create an original, playful and practical wastepaper basket establishing an original visual association between two containers: a popcorn box and a wastepaper basket full of crumpled sheets. Its irregular shape also reminds to a boat bow and makes easier its transport. Popbin can be placed on the Woor and in a wall corner using its handle and can contains different things (plants, magazines, clothes, toys…). The large size bin can also be used as a laundry basket.


Pop-bin is made from birch wood using color water varnish and is avaliable in 3 different sizes.

Large H640x W330x D180 mm / Medium H455x W265x D140 mm / Small H 290x W160x D100 mm


Sold out.

Photos by Ana.J.Revuelta.