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Photography has lost the capacity to symbolise when it became popular” (Daniel Canogar)

Instadrawings claims the act of drawing as a way to capture feelings that becomes original and unique images not following the actual social media trends, because we are what we remember. This sequences of drawings shows a number of anonymous people during one day on a beach of Mallorca. They were painted in the same day too (“If was like taking tourist photos”) and represent a number of cultural and artistic values associated with the Mediterranean culture thought a serie of instant, playful and colourful drawings.

36 drawings on papers / Markers and colour pencils and ink/ 250×300 cm

First Prize awarded by Fundación CAMPER and EsBaluard. International Competition for New Graphic Artist.

Opening at The Museum of Contemporary Arts EsBaluard together with  Camper Foundation (Palma de Mallorca, Spain). 18th May-20th September, 2015.