Vaso nel vaso


Vase collection designed by Andrea Santamarina for FABRICA in collaboration with Paola C, an Italian brand manufacturing and selling objects tied to the art of the table. Salone del Mobile, Milano (Italy). Curated by Aldo Cibic.

Attracted by the vase as a cultural symbol of all times, I made a revision of it, creating a playful collection of reversible vases. I introduced a surprise element, by replacing a rigid material using a flexible one, to break with the historical and sensorial experience associated with these objects. It is inspired by ancient clay jars.

Paola C. Showroom. Via Solferino, 11. 30121. Milan (Italy).


Color silicone rubber.

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Andrea-Santamarina-Contemporary-Artist-Spain-Vaso- Paola C-Fabrica-Design-ItalyAndrea-Santamarina-Contemporary-Artist-Spain-Vaso- Paola C-Fabrica-Design-Italy-4 Andrea-Santamarina-Contemporary-Artist-Spain-Vaso- Paola C-Fabrica-Design-Italy-3Andrea-Santamarina-Contemporary-Artist-Spain-Vaso- Paola C-Fabrica-Design-Italy-5Andrea-Santamarina-Contemporary-Artist-Spain-Vaso- Paola C-Fabrica-Design-Italy-7Andrea-Santamarina-Contemporary-Artist-Spain-Vaso- Paola C-Fabrica-Design-Italy-6


Dedalus for Paola C.

Design that proposes a set of transparencies in the vase itself, merging two objects, a capsule and a bowling ball.

Andrea-Santamarina-Contemporary-Artist-Spain-Vaso- Dedalus-Fabrica-Design-Italy-8

Cutlery for Coca-Cola Latino America.

Winner of the contest to design the new Coca-Cola cutlery collection for Latin America. The company invited prestigious academic institutions to participate while she was enjoyed a grant at the Design Department at FABRICA (Treviso, Italy).The glasses design inspired by the shape of One-liter Coca-Cola bottles and the cutlery by the rounded forms of children’s cutlery complete this collection.

Andrea-Santamarina-Contemporary-Artist-Spain-Vaso- Cutlery-Coca-cola-Fabrica-Design-Italy-10jpg Andrea-Santamarina-Contemporary-Artist-Spain-Vaso- Coca-Cola-Fabrica-Design-Italy-9